Structures of Intellect

Created by Dr. Mary and Robert Meeker, the SOI assessment was originally designed for diagnosing learning difficulties and providing teachers with information that was relevant to how their teaching could meet the different needs of their students. Early in her work, Dr. Meeker began to see that certain intellectual abilities were linked to basic learning such as reading, arithmetic, higher math and creativity. Dr. Meeker realized that intellectual abilities could be taught so she created the SOI program to measure the different types of intelligences needed to be successful in school.

To those who are interested in order to measure the 26 different cognitive abilities a three hour written test is given.  After the test SOI is able to measure reading comprehension, arithmetic, problem solving, general comprehension, auditory and visual memory, judgement and creativity. Areas of intellect that are well developed, as well as areas that require strengthening are all identified through this assessment.

The significance of this assessment lies in the fact that once learning abilities are measured, a specific training program can be designed to enhance those areas of intelligence that need to be developed or enhanced.  As the individual progresses through their personalized training program, new more efficient neural pathways are created, self-esteem is improved, and the individual realizes that they can take on challenging activities and be successful!