Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an Energy Therapy technique formulated by Gary Craig, a former Stanford engineer and an innovative emotional management coach. Gary Craig studied with psychiatrist Roger Callahan, who developed one of the first Energy Therapy techniques for releasing negative feelings called Thought Field Therapy.  s meridian system, TFT and EFT use key acupressure points to release the toxic energy that accumulates in the physical body.  Gary Craig wanted to simplify the TFT techniques, so he developed a consistent tapping sequence that make EFT fun and easy to use.  Once you know the basic set up and tapping sequence, it is interesting to explore different areas of your life that can be improved through the use of EFT.   EFT has been found helpful in the treatment of: fears and phobias, all types of traumas, grief and loss, depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, stress and anxiety, anger, cravings & addictions, and peak performance.


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EFT Literature

I have done some writing about using EFT with children to make this wonderful method easier to utilize with children.  My first children’s book called, “Be the Boss of Your Feelings, EFT for Kids” introduces children to some energy concepts and the EFT Technique.  I’ve also included a chapter that I wrote for “Freedom at Your Fingertips” which is about using EFT with children and teens.  A step by step guide for using EFT with kids and a cute Tapping Poster which shows all the tapping points is also included for your use.